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Sports Classes, STEM Curriculum & Life Skills for children 18 months to 16 years.  Our programs include Soccer, Lacrosse, Football, T-Ball, Golf, Tennis & More.  Classes are offered in 4 sessions:  Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer.  Get Started Now!

At Coach Doug Academy, our focus is about serving children.  We are committed to preparing our youth to be tomorrow's leaders by instilling important life lessons and building self-esteem.  Our approach is to reach children's minds, build their bodies, develop their personal skills and expand their personal outlook.  We do this by integrating our content with science & technology—to ignite an early passion in every child.  In addition, we leverage a variety of non-competitive sports programs for delivery of skills training.  And most importantly, we extend a hands-on teaching style known as the "Coach Doug Touch" to every child.  The youngest children attend classes with a parent/guardian to further enhance and expand the experience by providing insight to the Coach Doug Touch directly to the parent/guardian. Read more >>

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Wee Wannna Be

Which Sports players do your kids pretend to be? Kids 18 months to 5 years will be introduced to agility training, soccer, basketball, floor hockey, kickball, football, golf, T ball and other sports with required parent participation.



Coach Doug's Sports School

Ages 4-7 Coach Doug Sports concentrates on selected sports each term, providing the children a greater opportunity to comfortably develop their interest and abilities in the sport.

Coach Doug Soccer

Ages 3-6 Coach Doug Sports Advanced Soccer is based on the principles developed by Coach Doug for the very successful Wee Wanna Be™ program that has served thousands of children since 1997.

Summer Programs

Coach Doug offers summer programs/camps that combine sports, space science, and computer technology into programs focusing on developing team building skills.


Coach Doug offers various camps for children from ages 3 - 12 that will provide time to enjoy age appropriate sports, games, arts & crafts and more plus time to chat and visit with their friends.

Private Parties

Ages 2 & up Coach Doug's sports birthday parties. Enjoy having your friends at your own "WEE WANNA BE™" party. Combines the non-competitive sports & fitness activities of Wee Wanna Be™.

School Visits

Coach Doug will meet with school classes, assemblies, and/or an organization such as the PTA in your school. He believes in the importance of interesting children in developing early involvement in sports which can lead to a healthy life style.

Afterschool Programs

Many children can enjoy and benefit from a weekly sports activity program that emphasizes non-competitive sports instruction and positive reinforcement. This can be sponsored (by the school or PTA) or can be on a pay-as-you-go program.

Private Sports Tutoring

Many children can benefit from developing personal skills and especially from the Coach Doug’s approach in building self-esteem. Private sports classes can be scheduled at your convenience.

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